workshops & events


From blindfold classes to biomechanical breakdowns, our in-person workshops and events offer opportunities to go deep. Expect to expand your knowledge of the practice and integrate what you learn into your life off the mat.

Alchemy Asana Series Online

Wednesday 4/22-5/20 9-11 am MST

or downloadable anytime

Online with Britt

These classes are designed for intermediate and advanced practitioners looking for thorough and poetic practice. Each class we will take our time to work into deeper, stronger backends. We will build to a peak backend from a thoughtful alignment focussed sequence. Each practice is inspired by the magic and imagery of one of the five elements: earth, air, fire, water, or space


These classes will be offered as a live stream on Wednesday mornings and be available to stream after they air so that you can choose to practice live or at another time that works best in your schedule.

While the sequences will build on one another, you can either drop in for a single class or purchase a package to attend all 5 classes.