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Small Deposits

My dad taught me the value of saving money from an early age. I learned about The Power of Compounding when I was 7. The idea is, I’m probably not going to put $1 million in my bank account with a single deposit. Dad taught me that when I save early, and save often, no matter the amount, the end result will be bolstered by my commitment to small, frequent deposits (over one big one).

I’ve been turning over the idea of small deposits as it relates to the yoga practice. In the world of yoga (particularly asana), I think the culture of Instagram Yoga does a great disservice to the depth of consistent practice over a long period of time (abhyasa). We see the handstand, but not the hours - perhaps years - of drills, holds at the wall, conditioning, consistency, and practice that creates the pose.

I joke that every conflict my husband and I have is the same, they just wear different masks. This morning, we found ourselves locked, again, in a head-to-head battle of him Being Right, and me Being Uncommunicative and Defensive. The way this manifests is that I let him be right so we can just get the dang conflict OVER WITH - which, while it ends the conflict, doesn’t truly resolve anything.

This time, though, we named the pattern as we saw it unfold. “Gosh, I REALLY don’t want to have this conversation, but I notice that I’m doing that thing where I’m running away from the conflict,” I say. “It’s because I was in the space of being right,” he says.

And just like that, with a simple naming of what’s happening, begotten from awareness of our respective patterns, we made a small deposit into our Marital Peace Piggy Bank. The more deposits we make into this bank, the more natural it becomes for us to move through this particular conflict. Our relationship receives the payout.

When it comes to yoga asana, saving money, or a desire to shift habits or patterns, I believe the conscious small deposits we make can weave more presence, wonder, and peace into our lives.

And maybe a million dollars, too.

In wonder,