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Updated: Nov 6, 2019

Hello, world!

It would make sense that our first post would be about the beginning of something, but the truth of the matter is, we’re all arriving here to this moment in the middle of something.

You might be squarely in the middle of making a big decision, of falling in love or losing love, the middle of a project, or maybe you’re just in the middle of making some soup.

We are in the middle of bringing the vision of Whole Heart Homestead into being, and it feels fitting to travel back to exactly two years ago when this was a seed of an idea. It was a cold November evening in Buena Vista, and as we swung back and forth on an old, repurposed ski lift chair, the genesis of a training that was equal parts biomechanics and heart came into being so easefully it was like it was already there, just waiting to be spoken.

Over the last two years, our main focus was building this training, and we’re now in the middle of delivering the second round to a group of 15 bright-eyed earth angels. We’ve watched unbelievable transformations occur through the pairing of self-study and community, and we’re feeling pulled to expand the conversation. We’re so glad you’re on the ride with us.

We are practitioners and teachers of yoga, lovers of Tarot, and students of the human experience. The more we’ve learned about white privilege, decolonization, and appropriation vs appreciation in the yogic context, the more we feel responsible to using our platforms and voices to keep alive the conversations that are all too often avoided. Because, well, they’re uncomfortable.

And it’s totally our experience that great discomfort begets expanded awareness, greater consciousness, and growth. Following the Homestead means you’re going to get the whole of it. Some days we’ll offer moon meditations, pose tutorials, and fun playlists, and other days we’ll stumble through topics like white fragility and systemic oppression.

We do not claim to be experts, or have answers. We will surely get it wrong much of the time. And, silence and non-action no longer feel like an option for us. We intend to be accountable to our learning of both the inner and outer worlds.

We’ve often found ourselves feeling resigned to the problems of the world and our inability to impact change. And truthfully, we want to live in a world where we all take responsibility for each other. Where joy, love, and connection are available to all of us. So we’ll do our best to contribute to that vision.


Alex and Britt

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