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"I am willing to be transformed by this"

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

Reflection in its many forms is a profound tool to nourish our inner worlds and help us "level up," so to speak. When we get quiet and consider 1) all that occurred within a set amount of time, 2) how we were transformed by it, and 3) what more there is to transform, we are in the practice of declaring, "I will willing to be transformed by this.”

We create a space of willingness to be wrong.

We create the possibility for responsibility for our actions (and, in-action).

I often play a game where I imagine a world in which everyone took radical responsibility. It is a fun game and feels surprisingly realizable.

On Christmas Eve, two of my family members got into a private conflict, and before we knew it the side conversations, gossip, and “he-said, he-said,” had whipped up into a frenzy between the six family members.  The conflict took on a life of its own. My husband, goddess b l e s s him, requested that we all sit down as a family and talk about what had happened, together. No talking about it behind closed doors, but airing it out completely, like beating a dirty rug against the railing. Like taming the wildness of the medusa-like, snake-headed conversation.

And in the 20 minutes of conversation, people took responsibility. People apologized. Most importantly, we reflected, together. I watched a group of people willing to be transformed by conflict. And in reality, we were transformed by the very act of being willing.

All of this to say — reflection is powerful. So on the cusp of 2020 I’d like to share with you one of my favorite tools for reflecting on the past year and looking to the new one: The Compass booklet. Download and print the booklet, pour a nice beverage, light a candle, and spend some time with yourself. Be willing to be transformed by your reflection. And you will be transformed by the act of being willing.

Happy New Year,