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Daily Joys

Daily Joy. It’s something that one does, every day, something simple and inauspicious and seemingly normal, that unlocks a flow of joy. One of my favorite descriptions of joy ever is Marie Kondo’s: “like cells arising.” 

I was introduced to this practice a couple of years ago by friends Becca and Emelio. I think they were talking about how the process of making their coffee - fresh ground beans in a pour-over fashion - and then savoring the consumption of the coffee was a Daily Joy for them.

Especially in weeks since coronavirus came to the US in full force, where my emotions have spun from numb to grief-stricken to hardened to peaceful and then back again, touching into my Daily Joys has been an essential and really, lovely practice. I have the good fortune and privilege to be safe, secure, and healthy during this period of social distancing, and in the extended amount of time at home, a lot of my days look the same. Some examples of my Daily Joys are: cooking in an AMAZING new non-stick pan (so silky! So easy and wonderful to cook on!), the sound of the river (surest way to make my cells arise), the way my cat, WITHOUT FAIL, jumps next to my head the moment I wake up and delivers earnest and emphatic morning headbutts, and my daily writing practice.

Now you go. There are really only two things you need to do to being working with your Daily Joys:

1) open your eyes a little wider to the mundanities and routines of your life

2) when you recognize a Daily Joy for what it is, write it down or speak it to someone you love

You see, the magic of the Daily Joy is in this: when you recognize and name the Daily Joy (“wow, my child’s bedhead and smile I wake them up in the morning my cells feel like they are arising!!!” Or however joy is embodied for you), it becomes easier and easier to remember and tap into. Next time you wake your child up, you will think, “Ah, my Daily Joy. This is a thing that is joyful for me. I am so grateful.” And on and on like this. To remember your Daily Joys is an infusion of embodiment and gratitude into the present moment.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes. And lots of love.